McPhee Sarah Berninis Beloved

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McPhee Sarah Berninis Beloved


Author Sarah McPhee corrects and expands this story in her remarkable biography of a sculpture and its subject. Berninis Beloved sets the bust and Costanzas own life – her childhood and noble name, her marriage, affair, fall from grace, and recovery – against the backdrop of Baroque Rome. Carved by Gianlorenzo Bernini in 1636-1637 for his own pleasure, the portrait of Costanza is one of his most captivating works, but until now little has been known about its subject. With lips slightly parted and eyes fixed on a point in the distance, a breathtaking marble portrait of Costanza Piccolomini appears alive. Beautifully illustrated and written, this fascinating story expands our understanding of the woman whose intelligence and passion served as inspiration for Berninis celebrated sculpture, and who courageously forged a life for herself in the decades... For centuries Costanza was identified only as Berninis mistress, who later incited his rage by betraying him for his brother.

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